Savour the Season Charcuterie Board

Savour the Season Charcuterie Board

This curated charcuterie board is perfect for any holiday gathering - big or small. It brings together a variety of crackers, cheeses, meats, fruits and vegetables. Fresh cranberries and sprigs of fresh herbs add the perfect finishing touch to this colourful festive board.

Prep time45 min
Total time45min
ServingsPhoto shows approximately 16 servings.
  • Cheddar cheese, sliced
  • Gouda cheese, sliced
  • Brie cheese round
  • Herbed goat cheese, sliced
  • Salami slices
  • Thin prosciutto slices
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Triscuit Balsamic & Basil Crackers
  • Triscuit Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Crackers
  • Wheat Thins Crackers
  • Hummus
  • Old-style mustard
  • Mixed red and yellow pepper strips
  • Carrots, peeled, diagonally sliced
  • English cucumber slices
  • Mixed fresh berries
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Seedless green grapes
  • Stuffed green olives
  • Whole almonds
  • Pecan halves
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Milk Chocolate, broken into squares
  • Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate, broken into triangles
  • Place cheeses, meats and crackers on large board or platter.   

  • Spoon hummus and mustard into small bowls.  Add to board.  Fill in empty spaces on board with vegetables, fruits, olives and nuts.  

  • Serve with chocolates.

Recipe Tips
  • Special Extra

    Use fresh cranberries, and fresh thyme and rosemary sprigs to garnish the board before serving.

  • Note

    Cheese and meat boards can be prepared for any number of servings, depending on the size of the gathering. Use a guideline of 30 g cheese, 15 g meat, 30 g crackers, 1 Tbsp. hummus and 1 tsp. mustard per person.


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